NOTAM Download  

  Functions arenow grouped on the NOTAM sub-menuof the Chart menu.

The Downloadcommand starts a session withthe National Air Traffic Services (NATS)website.


  Progressthrough the session is presentedas a series of status messages withaccompanying graphic.

  Thefirst stage retrieves a menu of the pre-flightinformation bulletins (PIBs) that are available.

  Downloadingthe selected PIB is the final stageof the internet session.

  Thedownloaded PIB is saved locally on your computerand then...

  ... loadedas a temporary extension of your FlightMapairspace.

Filters areautomatically applied to hide unwantedNOTAMs.

The NOTAMViewer can be opened to present theindividualNOTAMs in sequence.

The NOTAMViewer presents eachNOTAM as text and as a map - using coordinates from the text where possible.

Individual NOTAMscan be hidden so they are removed from the presentation.

The newCollect button of the Viewer allows a set of relatedNOTAM to be selected - ready for printing as a single NOTAM briefing.


The printed reportof the NOTAMs collected above is illustrated here.